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Tau Anthropological Safaris

We travel to experience traditional cultures, the world’s archaeological sites, experience primates and other nature and to track the human story…Welcome to Tau Anthropological Safaris! We would like to introduce you to our exciting new travel initiative! Conceptualised by Adam Riley and Lee Gutteridge, Tau has been created in response to a demand for life-changing and intelligent travel experiences. Our goal is to weave together four fascinating fields, all being passions of our team, to design a unique and memorable travel adventure and a trip of a lifetime, namely;

  • Anthropology – in particular we plan to experience and learn firsthand the customs and beliefs of traditional human societies that still exist across the world’s remotest places
  • Archaeology – visiting the world’s most breathtaking and fascinating ancient sites stretching from the dawn of humanity to the architectural marvels of our recent predecessors
  • Game tracking and traditional and modern interactions between man and wildlife – Lee is a master tracker and tracking will form a fascinating aspect of our tours as well as viewing wildlife both as perceived by traditional people as well as modern eco-tourists
  • The human story – whilst enjoying guided activities combining the above elements we will also enjoy discourses and discuss the story of human evolution based on cutting edge findings and thinking from leading scientists in the field

On our journeys we intend to explore some of the most exciting and rarely accessed aspects of modern and historical anthropology, with tours to remote and little known places including northern South Africa’s Makabeng plateau, viewing prehistoric rock art painted on sandstone walls – in all that now remains of an ancient fossilised desert. Imagine if you will, spending time in Ethiopia’s Lower Omo Valley, visiting and interacting with the sometimes hostile, plate-lipped Mursi tribeswomen, seeing and spending time in their villages, admiring the traditional dress and rituals of the Hamar and adhering for a time to their ancient cultures and way of life!

Or perhaps sitting beneath the stars, barely visible through the fire-smoke filled air, listening to the clipped language of a San shaman in Southern Botswana, or we may find ourselves walking amongst the granite outcrops and magnificent Baobabs of Southern Zimbabwe’s Save Valley, through the heat of the Mopani scrub on the trail of a Black Rhino bull, with expert guides for your protection; and then spend a night in the wilds at a beautifully painted San rock shelter with thousands of years of history around us, whilst listening to the gentle cough of a nearby Leopard.

How about spending time with magnificently adorned Huli Wigmen in the wilds of Papua New Guinea and watch them as they dance to emulate fabled birds-of-paradise that we will also observe, or tracking Lowland Gorillas with tall Tutsi tribesmen or with diminutive BaTwa pygmies in immense rainforests…these are but some of the adventures we will undertake. With Tau we will experience the world’s wildlife as man has done since time immemorial, meet with some of the worlds last few unchanged traditional cultures, explore our species history and study various primate species where we may see ourselves reflected in the eyes of some of our closest relatives…Excited?