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Please feel free to explore our page and learn a little more about us, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have ANY questions about the superb Educational Products we offer.

Nature Guide Training is a South Africa based Field Guide Training and Study Abroad educational provider.

We are a small company by design, and we do not have any interest in becoming a large corporate-type training establishment. We believe in one-on-one treatment, personalised care for our student, and lasting relationships. We select our students based upon their needs. If we can offer you what you need from the course, we would love to meet you as a participant on one of our small-group programs.

We feel that many other nature training organizations simply see you, the student, as a number, and we disagree with this totally. You are an individual, with specific needs and interests, and this we respect. Our focus is not how grand our social media is, or how many agents are sending us students, or how big our marketing team is.

Our focus, is you, the participant on our programs.

We offer many different, high-quality courses in various countries. Currently, our services extend to the following countries:

  • South Africa – tours, guiding courses, and tracking & evaluations
  • Botswana – tracking courses & evaluations
  • Kenya – tracking courses & evaluations
  • Zambia – guided tours
  • United States of America – tracking courses & evaluations
  • Madagascar – guided tours

Many of our programs are wildlife and Nature Guiding orientated, mainly based upon the excellent Field Guides Association of Southern Africa (FGASA) standards. We have trained and assessed for FGASA since 2001.

Other courses which we offer include ‘For Credit Programs’ with various American Universities and High Schools, focussing on many different and varied subjects from Wildlife Ecology to Political Science, from Cultural History through to the Culinary Arts, and from Sustainable Water Management through to Mammalian Form and Function.

Tracking programs based upon the world leading CyberTracker Evaluation system are also offered in many countries across the globe. We are qualified to test your skills, based on this wonderful standard, and do so in many of our programs.

Nature Guide Training also offer an array of Edu-Tourism products, and lead Intrepid traveller groups into fascinating places across the world where we will teach you about the local ecology, culture and wildlife. Cultural safaris are also offered by our sister company, Tau Anthropological Safaris. More information can be obtained about this fascinating tour company by following the links from this website.

If you wish to lead one of these wildlife exploration trips, and invite your friends or colleagues along, send us a message and we will tell you how?

Our small team of instructors are amongst the highest qualified on the South African FGASA and multi-national CyberTracker systems!

What It Is All About

Please take 3 minutes out of your day to watch our short video clip, which will highlight a few of the activities we experienced on one of our courses during July of 2015. This was a group from two high schools in New Hampshire, USA, who joined us for an African Educational Experience beyond their wildest dreams!

FREE 266 page training manual

This is the original manual used by Nature Guide Training, and is NOT the official FGASA Manual, although back then it was endorsed as our training material. Many abstract pieces of information were researched for this manual, and at the time it was being used (up until 2005) it was very well received by field guides on our courses.

Please note: We are aware that there are some spelling errors, and there are some ‘facts’ which have subsequently been disproven, but generally we feel that this manual is a wealth of information for the bush lover, and should be used as such. Lee Gutteridge and Nature Guide Training do not take responsibility for any inaccuracies you may find, or ideas found in the manual which you may try, but we simply hope you will enjoy this gift!

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    Some of our many students over the last 15 years

    Africa on Foot, Kruger Park, Walking Evaluations, November 2015 Bolton High, South Africa, Kruger Park, July 2014 Botanical group, Waterberg, South Africa, February 2006 Cliff Green Party, South Africa, Kruger Park, August 2015 Delta Ecology Group, Botswana, Okavango, May 2016 FGASA Level 1, South Africa, Kruger Park, March 2013 FGASA Level 1, South Africa, Kruger Park, March 2015 FGASA Level 1, South Africa, Waterberg, March 2011 FGASA Level 1, South Africa, Waterberg, November 2012 FGASA Level 1, Waterberg, South Africa, April 2010 FGASA Level 1, Waterberg, South Africa, January 2007 FGASA Level 1, Waterberg, South Africa, March 2012 FGASA Level 1, Waterberg, South Africa, May 2006 FGASA Level 1, Waterberg, South Africa, September 2010 FGASA Trails, South Africa, Kruger Park, October 2011 Guide Training, Akagera, Rwanda, April 2013

    Your Instructors and Guides

    Lee Gutteridge
    Owner, Trainer, Master Tracker and Wildlife Author
    Kersey Lawrence
    Director of International Education and Research
    Samantha Snodgrass
    Field Guide
    Vaughan Jessnitz
    Nature Guide Instructor & Wilderness Expert