Tracking Courses

We offer a selection of tracking courses across Africa, visiting incredible tracking areas such as:

  • Greater Kruger National Park – ‘Tracking the Big Five’
  • Waterberg Mountains – ‘Diversity Unsurpassed’
  • Tuli, Southern Botswana – ‘Land of Dust and Giants’
  • Akagera National Park, Rwanda – ‘Red Soil and Rains’
  • Okavango Delta – ‘Flooded Desert’
  • ‘Invertebrate Tacks and Signs of South Africa’

These programs are for all levels of tracker from beginner to professional and seek to teach you how to identify the spoor of the myriad creatures which occur in these specially selected habitats.

During the experience we show you step by step how to interpret the amazing history etched into the fine soil substrate of the African Bush, and in selected regions we will also explore the ancient art of trailing an animal.

As a climax to this experience we will seek to assess willing candidates at the end of the journey on the internationally acclaimed CyberTracker standard.

The accommodation, meals and game viewing are always of a great standard on these courses, and your instructors are some of the highest qualified available anywhere.

These courses are advertised from time to time, but feel free to enquire about any upcoming programs.

Tracking Course – June 20th to 24th 2018

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With: Lee Gutteridge and Kersey Lawrence
At: Ngala Training Camp, Balule Game Reserve, Kruger Park Region

We will be offering a short, intensive tracking program arriving midday on the 20th until our departure on the late morning of the 24th of June 2018, which includes a CyberTracker track and Sign Evaluation.

Lee and Kersey have been working together in Africa since 2008, designing and implementing these types of study abroad, ecotourism, and tracking intensive programs. Original Wisdom and Nature Guide Training work closely together to provide you with a truly exceptional, professionally guided, life-changing educational experience in the African bush. Thousands of participants have passed through these schools, and experienced Africa like never before.

These programs are led by Lee Gutteridge and Kersey Lawrence. Lee has been a tracking evaluator for over a decade, and Kersey is the highest qualified female tracker in the world!