Nature Guide Training Botswana Programs

Join us on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in Botswana, with the Nature Guide Training Botswana Program, which will take place in the Okavango Delta. These fantastic programs will give you, as a learner guide, the opportunity to explore this incredible and unique environment, a seasonal oasis in the heart of a sprawling desert.

Our Nature Guide Training camp, in the southern reaches of the Delta, is home to many animals and birds, and of course amazing plant life.

The Okavango delta, fed by the long travelling rain waters of the Angolan Interior, is the perfect place for the Nature Guide Training Botswana program. These long-awaited waters arrive as a flood, in two main waves, during the dry southern African winter. One never knows exactly when they will arrive, or how deep these floods will be, as seismic shifts deep below the desert sands and varying rainfalls have a multitude of affects. Small gullies, dry by summer will fill up and begin to flow, and grasslands in some areas will totally inundate, making the perfect submerged habitat for the aquatic red lechwe and the beautiful, yet tiny malachite kingfisher. Islands, formed over hundred of years by the activity of termites, combined with plant and tree life, dot the now aquatic landscape…an unbelievable transformation.

A magnificent list of avian specials includes birds like the palm-nut vulture, white-headed vulture, broad-billed roller, long-toed lapwing and the beautiful bateleur. Swallow-tailed bee-eaters may hawk their prey from perches, as pied kingfishers hover over the water nearby. Lilac-breasted rollers will dazzle you with their colours and rare wattled cranes are seen in this, one of their last strongholds. The array of colours and shapes and sizes will amaze you!

A female leopard wades through inundated grasslands and a baby hyena at the den

Tsessebe, red lechwe, impala, kudu, bushbuck, waterbuck and many other antelope are the typical prey of the leopard, lion and other carnivores which are commonly found here. Giraffes and buffalo feed on the palm islands, with animals such as warthog and hippopotamus that wander across the landscape in their search for nutritious grasses. Small creatures such as banded mongoose, African civet and rusty-spotted genet also abound here, adding an interesting aspect to the night drives.

Tall palm trees dot the landscape, with the skeletons of long-dead leadwood trees framing the African sunset. Elephants and lions call in the night and the spotted hyena’s range silently around the unfenced camp. African scops-owls and other nocturnal birds add to this chorus, rousing something primal from an earlier time in mans history…

But with us it is not all about the big things. You will learn about fungi, insects, birds, amphibians, reptiles, tracks and scats, grasses and ecology, not only the big mammals.

Our intention is to enrich you with knowledge of this unique eco-system, and to teach you to guide in the natural environment. For more details please email us about this wonderful Nature Guide Training Botswana Program, a true wilderness experience!

A beautifully marked bush katydid and a chacma baboon track in the soft wet sand