Code of Conduct

As a company, Nature Guide Training chooses to minimize impact on our environment, and attempt to raise environmental and cultural awareness and assist with perpetuating this into the essence of the training we provide.

  • Nature Guide Training wishes to provide a wonderful, eye opening experience not only for our many students but for our trainers as well, which will in turn provide a positive atmosphere to all that we do.
  • Nature Guide Training will support organisations which provide a good quality product which benefits local communities, those in need and those with a good conservation ethic wherever we can.
  • Nature Guide Training will raise sensitivity to South Africa’s political, environmental, and social climate, and be positive in our marketing of this wonderful country, whilst we support South Africa’s human rights, labour and empowerment policies and laws.
  • Nature Guide Training will play an active role in the protection and conservation of The Kruger National Park, and the surrounding private game reserves, and any other area where we operate as a National Heritage to all South Africans.
  • Nature Guide Training will manage all of its students and guests to the best of its ability to prevent any damage to natural sites, historical sites, including rock art areas and Iron Age sites, as part of our nation’s Natural Heritage.
  • Nature Guide Training will attempt play an active support role in the cultural, economic and eco-tourism developments in South Africa that will lead to equity and equal opportunity for all South Africans in the future.